Episode 86: From Dying to Better Than Ever with Julie Schiffman

Everyone can get better.

Even in remission, Tami feels that there is always something we can do to feel better on our fibromyalgia journey. And because we have to focus on taking care of ourselves, in many ways, we can get to a place where we feel better than the average person.

Tami is excited to share this interview with Certified Fibromyalgia Coach®, Julie Schiffman, where she shares her story of going from thinking she was dying to feeling healthier than ever.

In this episode, Julie talks about her long health journey and years of painful symptoms, her diagnosis with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome over 20 years ago, the mental toll of chronic pain, how to deal with guilt, frustration, and uncertainty around a vague diagnosis, Julie’s medication rollercoaster, finding hope for living a great life with fibromyalgia, why becoming a coach brought Julie so much healing, the confidence that comes with knowing you can control your symptoms, why Julie decided to become a Certified Fibromyalgia Coach® after completing the Certified Fibromyalgia Advisor® program, what it looks like to do the best we can with the bodies we have, balancing helping others with taking care of yourself, the deep meaning Julie has found in her life since becoming a Certified Fibromyalgia Coach®, what it would look like to work with Julie as your coach, and more.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Julie and that it sparks new ideas and brings you encouragement and inspiration.

Note: This episode is not meant to be medical advice. Every person and every situation is unique. The information you learn in this episode should be shared and discussed with your own healthcare providers.

About Julie Schiffman

Julie Schiffman was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome over 20 years ago. While she worked very hard over those years on ways to improve her life with a chronic illness, it wasn’t until she started working with a Certified Fibromyalgia Coach® that she felt someone understood and could offer the support needed to help her feel better.

When Julie began her training to become a coach herself, she started learning why her body was feeling the way it was and what would help her feel better. She regained her confidence and became even healthier than she imagined possible. Julie still spends a big portion of her free time researching and learning more about chronic pain and fatigue, the mind-body connection, life organization systems, and self-care.

Julie is more passionate than ever to continue sharing her training, knowledge, and experience as she walks alongside other women, especially mothers and grandmothers, who suffer from the same feelings of overwhelm and isolation caused by their chronic illness.

If she isn’t coaching, you will find Julie spending time with her husband and family including her seven grandchildren who all live close by.

Julie loves her new freedom, feels healthier than she ever has, and has only slight limitations. Most importantly, she loves her life more than ever.

To schedule a consultation with Julie, visit FindAFibroCoach.com

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Listener Shoutout

“My story is long-probably like most people who have reached out with fibromyalgia. But it wasn’t until just a few months ago that I stumbled upon your podcast and began to accept the diagnosis that I first heard in 2016.

The podcast really resonated with me! I related to so many of the details of your story. It was only after listening to it that I realized that fibromyalgia is real and not just a random category that they place undiagnosed people into and that all these sensations or symptoms are not all in my head. The experts that you’ve interviewed, research referenced and information provided have been both helpful and validating.

Thank you so much. You’ve already positively impacted my life in a big way.”

~ Warm Regards,

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