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Episode 133: Embrace Your Fibromyalgia Wellness Style℠

Have you ever wondered why some people have an easier time managing their fibromyalgia than others?

We all have natural strengths and weaknesses and approach life in a unique way. Managing our fibromyalgia is no different.

Our personalities play a central role in how we approach life and our fibromyalgia, and research has shown that our personality traits have a direct influence on health outcomes and fibromyalgia symptoms.

Empowerment comes from figuring out exactly where your natural strengths and challenges lie so that you can support yourself in a sustainable way that will bring about the best possible outcome for you. To help you on that journey, Tami created the Fibromyalgia Wellness Style℠ Quiz, based on the five-factor model of personality, which measures specific traits from low to high.

In this episode, Tami discusses why she created the Fibromyalgia Wellness Style℠ Quiz, the five-factor model of personality, how the “big 5” personality traits affect fibromyalgia management, the two traits most associated with fibromyalgia symptoms and health outcomes, how Tami developed the four Fibromyalgia Wellness Styles℠, the benefits of understanding your Fibromyalgia Wellness Style℠, additional information and support you’ll receive if you choose to sign up for your advanced profile, early feedback from students and coaches who have discovered their Fibromyalgia Wellness Style℠, the main characteristics and challenges of each of the four Fibromyalgia Wellness Styles℠ – The Ponderer, The Prevailer, The Playmaker, and The Perfectionist, and more.

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Episode 130: Ways To Overcome Privilege In Fibromyalgia? Ask The Coach

“How do you propose we help low-income individuals with CFS and fibromyalgia? Self-care and wellness are rooted in privilege, choice, fellowship, support, time, and money to invest in themselves.”

So many people living with chronic illnesses are forced to navigate the issue of how best to support themselves with limited resources. While you’ll often hear Tami talking about coaching and our training programs on this podcast, that’s not everything available in the fibromyalgia community. Tami and other organizations offer many resources that allow people from all income levels to access tools and support to improve their quality of life.

It’s also valuable to recognize that while wellness is often rooted in the privilege of having money to invest in ourselves, self-care doesn’t have to be. Self-care is about how we treat ourselves, and it’s not a direct link to our income level. In today’s Ask The Coach installment, Tami answers how low-income individuals can access help with CFS and fibromyalgia and whether you can still work with a fibro coach if you haven’t been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

In this episode, Tami discusses the connection between wellness, self-care, and privilege, why I believe self-care has nothing to do with your income level, challenges faced by low-income individuals with fibromyalgia who rely on state healthcare programs, free resources and support provided by Tami and the International Fibromyalgia Coaching Institute, organizations that can help you implement the suggestions for improving your symptoms, patient assistance programs that can help with covering the cost of medications, tips for accessing lower-cost options for supplements and services, advocacy and support offered through organizations like Support Fibromyalgia Network, Fibromyalgia Care Society of America, and the Sherri Little Foundation, how you can advocate for fibromyalgia awareness and support, working with a fibromyalgia coach without a fibro diagnosis, training to work with conditions outside of fibromyalgia, and more.

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Episode 120: How Do You Do It All? Ask the Coach

“How do you do it all?”

This question came up during one of Tami’s Ask Me Anything sessions during our annual alumni retreat, and it was so good that she decided to bring it to the podcast.

Before we get into the details, the short answer is Tami doesn’t do it all! At first glance, it’s easy to compare your life to what you see others doing. The problem with that is we tend to forget that we’re only seeing their highlight reel. You never know everything that’s going on behind the scenes at the deep level that you know your own life. On top of that, Tami’s fibromyalgia has been in remission for years, and it took a lot of work to get there. It doesn’t make sense to compare your everyday fibro life with that.

With that context in mind, in this episode, Tami shares how she chooses where to focus her energy and what to prioritize. She’s discussing the importance of making choices to prioritize the things that move you forward, how I learned to be intentional about choosing what to do, what it means to say no to say yes, the challenges of choosing between two good options, how to add more joy into your life, recognizing that you need to choose one habit to build at a time, why it’s worth it to prioritize improving your sleep quality, delegating tasks that are not in your zone of genius, offloading tasks in your personal life, how you can reduce your load with minimal resources, embracing imperfections in life, seeking support from others to reach your goals, the difference between talking to a coach versus a friend, finding the right professional help, and more.

As you continue to move forward into the life that you want to have, don’t be afraid to take a step back. Sometimes, that’s precisely what you need.

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Episode 80: When Will the Pain End? Ask the Coach

“When will the pain end?”

For this entry in my Ask The Coach series, I’m answering this question which was sent in by a listener.

It’s such a loaded question and there are so many details I’d need to know to give a full answer but today I’m going to answer it in a broader way.

The thing about fibromyalgia is that it’s not the type of illness that shows up for a while and runs its course then resolves itself like a cold. It’s also not something that you’ll outgrow or that goes away when you get to a certain age. It just doesn’t work that way.

That doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do – you’re going to have to change your path if you want a different outcome.

For most people, with the right treatment and lifestyle changes, your fibromyalgia can be in remission and you can feel better.

In this episode, I share several resources you can use on your journey of helping the pain to end, the major turning point in my fibromyalgia journey, how you can teach your body not to process everything as pain, why you should reframe your journey as a marathon, not a sprint, how you can educate yourself about fibromyalgia, the importance of becoming a student of your own body, and more.

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Episode 75: Heart Health with Lisa Steele George

With the leading cause of death for women being heart disease, and February being American Heart Month, Tami feels it’s the perfect time to bring you her conversation with Lisa Steele George, MA, RYT.

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Episode 74: Something Is Better Than Nothing

I’m so excited to be bring you this first new episode of 2022!
Today, we’re going to be talking a little bit about perfectionism. Specifically, how it’s actually holding you back from feeling as good as you could.
In this episode, I share some examples where perfectionism may have gotten in your way, how the social media highlight reels of others helps fuel our desire for our lives to be perfect, my own experience letting perfectionism get in the way of my doctor-recommended diet, the exercise I want you to perform to gauge how often perfectionism is getting in your way, my wish and goal for you in 2022, a quote from Teddy Roosevelt that perfectly sums up today’s topic, and more.

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Episode 73: When Everything Goes Wrong

Do you ever have those days or periods in your life where it seems like everything is going wrong? If so, you’re not alone.

That’s why, this week, Tami is talking about what she does when everything goes wrong for her.

In this episode, Tami shares how it’s okay to not be okay, the stressful situation she’s been experiencing with her beloved cat that has resulted in more than one sleepless night, how it can be a struggle to find a balance between our reality of experiencing fibromyalgia symptoms and not giving into negativity, the main thing she does when everything is going wrong, how she takes care of the essentials during these times, the bio hacks involving brain chemistry she utilizes to help her get through times when things go wrong, the difference between a coach and counselor (and which one might be more appropriate for you), and more.

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Episode 72: Is Your Fibromyalgia Treatment Working

Tami is continuing this week with the What Does Tami Do series by answering a question one of her clients asked her a few weeks ago.

In this episode, Tami explains whether or not she follows a particular protocol to manage her fibromyalgia or if she continually tries new things, how she knows if a particular treatment is working for her, six things people do wrong when they’re trying new fibromyalgia treatments, and more.

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Episode 71: Managing Headaches: What Does Tami Do?

In the last episode, Tami answered a listener’s question about what she does to keep her fibromyalgia in remission. Since releasing that episode, she received quite a few follow-up questions about her migraines and chronic headaches.

So, consider this episode a sort of part two of WDTD (What Does Tami Do) where she’s giving more details about her journey with headaches and what she does to manage them now.

In this episode, she shares how the chronic migraines she experienced as a teen led to her first chronic diagnosis, why she generally ignored her headaches for most of her life, the anti-seizure medication her doctor prescribed to help treat her migraines, why she had to stop taking that medication after a year even though it was actually helping to ease her migraines, how her husband was the catalyst for seeking additional treatment for her migraines back around 2013, how getting Botox injections were the first game-changer for her, the second game-changer that came in the form of a monthly injection, common headache triggers, some general suggestions for reducing your headaches, and more.

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Episode 70: Keeping Fibromyalgia In Remission: What Does Tami Do?

Do you wonder exactly what Tami does to keep her fibromyalgia in remission? Are you looking for an example of what life really looks like when you’re successfully managing your fibromyalgia?

You’re not the only one! A listener recently asked — and Tami answered — these exact questions.

In this Ask the Coach, Tami covers exactly what she has done over the last 14 years to bring her fibromyalgia into remission: The medication and supplement regime she follows, other conditions she’s been diagnosed with, integrative therapies that have been helpful, and the attitude that helped most on her journey.

And yes — you will actually hear the specific medications and supplements Tami took at the beginning of her journey, and what she takes now. (You’ll be surprised!)

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