Episode 45: Fibromyalgia Stories of Hope and Healing

Fibromyalgia Stories of Hope and Healing

Four Clients Share Their Fibromyalgia Stories

Tami interviews four clients on the ways that they have found to improve their fibromyalgia symptoms over the last few months. You’ll hear how a mindset shift helped Joyce take ownership of her treatment plan. Julee shares how her 15-year chronic illness journey of 26 surgeries, bedrest, feeding tubes, sepsis, and more, taught her the importance of having fun and seeking joy. Trial and error, along with guidance from her coach and education on what options were available to her, helped Chantal get better sleep and lower her pain levels. Gisèle found clarity and solutions through putting pen to paper in class assignments.

You’ll also hear from our commencement speaker, Sharon Waldrop, President of the Fibromyalgia Association of Michigan, as she shares encouragement and wisdom with our new graduates. She says, “Life sometimes seems impossible, but there’s always a way. You just haven’t thought of it yet.”

Key Points

  • When we are educated about our own health and the condition that we’ve been diagnosed with, we have more control over our lives.
  • Life sometimes seems impossible, but there’s always a way. You just haven’t thought of it yet.
  • You need to be active in your treatment plan and seek the treatment that your body needs.
  • It’s important to still be able to go out and have fun and do those things that bring you happiness and joy.
  • It can take some trial and error to discover what helps you feel better. A coach can short cut that process.

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Listener Shoutout

I also want to thank you for all you do. Your podcasts have been an invaluable resource and a source of encouragement inspiration. God bless you.

Erin VanStone

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