This is a Fibromyalgia Podcast, not a Doctor visit

Information given on the Fibromyalgia Podcast® should not be considered medical advice, nor is it intended to replace consulting with a qualified physician or other health care provider—even when a podcast guest IS a qualified physician or other health care provider!

The “please don’t sue us” disclaimers:

  • You will still need a good doctor, even if you are learning from the podcast. If you don’t have a good doctor of your own, contact us through our Ask the Coach page; we would love to help you find one. You deserve to have a doctor who truly listens to you and believes what you say. *hugs*
  • The Fibromyalgia Podcast® will share a lot of things that have been helpful for Tami, her clients, and others with fibromyalgia. Some people have even experienced remarkable improvements using these treatments, products, and recommendations. Unfortunately, this doesn’t constitute a guarantee that these things will work for you.
  • We’re all unique individuals and our bodies manifest fibromyalgia in different ways. That’s part of what makes fibromyalgia so difficult to treat. We promise to be honest with you and give you as much information as possible, but in the end, each of you must make your own decisions and find what works best for you.
  • Along those lines, we’re all adults and need to make well-informed choices and live with the consequences. The International Fibromyalgia Coaching Institute, LLC, Tami Stackelhouse, and the Fibromyalgia Podcast® assume no liability or responsibility for errors or omissions, or for actions any reader or listener may take in response to information posted.
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