Episode 83: Take Back Your Life Book Update

A lot has changed in the seven years since my first book, Take Back Your Life, was released. I’m excited to announce that I have just expanded, updated, and released a second edition! From a new chapter on brain fog to massive progress on my...

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Episode 82: Today, I Quit

Quitting is a key skill. Understanding when it’s time to put something down temporarily or permanently is an important skill. Strategically quitting for the day, the weekend, or even for an hour or two might be just the thing you need for your sanity. Tami quits...

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Episode 81: Befriend Your Nervous System with Sarah Kleiner

Befriending your nervous systems starts with recognizing the unique patterns that may not be serving you and empowering yourself while getting to a place of balance. Tami is excited to share this conversation with coach and Somatic Experiencing expert, Sarah Kleiner. Sometimes these techniques can...

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Episode 80: When Will the Pain End? Ask the Coach

“When will the pain end?” For this entry in my Ask The Coach series, I’m answering this question which was sent in by a listener. It’s such a loaded question and there are so many details I’d need to know to give a full answer but...

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Episode 79: Long COVID with Dr. Jessica Drummond

Long COVID, sometimes called "long haulers" or "post-COVID syndrome", describes the lingering symptoms patients have after contracting COVID-19 and recovering from their initial illness. The experience of these patients often mirrors our experience with fibromyalgia and other conditions, such as ME/CFS. In this episode, Tami...

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Episode 78: Build Your Flare Survival Plan

When you end up in a fibromyalgia flare, do you know what your body needs to get back out? In this episode, Tami is giving you a little peek behind the curtain by walking you through an assignment she gives her students in her Certified...

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