Episode 67: Fibromyalgia Stories of Hope and Healing #3

Fibromyalgia Stories of Hope and Healing #3

Three Clients Share Their Fibromyalgia Stories

Tami interviews three clients on the ways that they have found to improve their fibromyalgia symptoms over the last few months. On average, the clients interviewed in this episode cut the impact of fibromyalgia on their lives by 50%. Their average FIQR scores went from 52 down to 26. In this episode, they share more of how they accomplished this.

You’ll hear how Dawn took immediate steps to feel better after her diagnosis — and how some tough love from her coach helped her make some necessary changes.

Nichi shares why she chose to hire a Certified Fibromyalgia Coach℠, even though she has one of the top fibromyalgia doctors in the world as her personal physician. She also shares how learning the “why” behind everything helped keep her motivated.

After dealing with fibromyalgia symptoms for 20+ years, Penny discovered just how much there was to learn, and how many ways to feel better that her doctors had never explored with her.

Listen to these interviews and be encouraged on your healing journey!

Key Points

  • This is a really focused way of addressing your health to get to the answers as quickly as possible.
  • Prioritizing your own health is the best way to really take care of your family.
  • You don’t have to live like this and just feel terrible all of the time. You can learn to live better.
  • If you’ve felt like you were alone on an island with your fibromyalgia, know that there can be support on your island.
  • Don’t give up and don’t accept where you are. 
  • If you’re in pain and so exhausted that you just can’t get off that couch, know that there are things that can be done. 

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