Episode 72: Is Your Fibromyalgia Treatment Working

Tami is continuing this week with the What Does Tami Do series by answering a question one of her clients asked her a few weeks ago.

In this episode, Tami explains whether or not she follows a particular protocol to manage her fibromyalgia or if she continually tries new things, how she knows if a particular treatment is working for her, six things people do wrong when they’re trying new fibromyalgia treatments, and more.

Note: This episode is not meant to be medical advice. Every person and every situation is unique. The information you learn in this episode should be shared and discussed with your own healthcare providers.

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Listener Shoutout

“I just found your podcast the other day and I have to say I am so grateful. I love it and I’ve got to say I also really love your voice.

I’ve gone through the multimodal rehabilitation program provided here in Sweden and it was really good, eye opening and all. But to maintain all the routines and stay on track has been the hardest part for me.

I digress, but what I really wanted to say is THANK YOU for doing this. ❤️ I really appreciate it. It means a lot just to be understood, you know.”

~ Grethe, Sweden