Episode 44: Design Your Fibromyalgia Dream Week

Design your fibromyalgia dream week

9 Steps To Making Your Calendar Work For You

What would it feel like to have to have a schedule that supported your body feeling great? Even better, what would it look like if your calendar could help you get better?

You may think this sounds impossible. When Tami was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia, she discovered she could really only leave the house once a week and continue to feel her best. She felt like a slave to her calendar and prisoner in her own body. However, learning to protect her body’s healing time gave Tami more control over her health and symptoms. This helped her to have more stable and predictable good days and energy.

In this episode, Tami shares the Dream Week process she developed over a decade ago to help her body heal. The Dream Week Planner worksheets are available for you to download and use along with Tami as she walks you through designing your very own Dream Week.

Key Points

  • The best things come from a place of creation, rather than a place of avoidance.
  • You have to be flexible with your Dream Week and revisit it continually. It’s not something you’re going to figure out once and be done.
  • We do not switch gears as fast as other people. We need to plan time to mentally transition from one thing to the next.
  • The whole point of creating your Dream Week is to craft a plan that will allow your body to heal.
  • Once you’ve designed your Dream Week, you’ll have a picture of what you’re shooting for that would make your body feel the best.
  • It’s important to purposefully plan how you’re going to spend your time and energy so that your body can heal.
  • You can tell what your priorities are by where you’re spending your time and money.

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“Thank you for this podcast. It was helpful not only for myself but in opening up conversations with my husband about his ACEs.”

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