Episode 00: What You Can Expect from the Fibromyalgia Podcast

What You Can Expect from the Fibromyalgia Podcast

Introduction / Trailer Episode

Tami Stackelhouse’s fibromyalgia journey went from diagnosis to disability to desperation before she discovered the keys to living a fibro life she loves. Today, Tami almost never has body pain, has enough energy to do the things she wants to do, and her life no longer revolves around her illness. As your Fibromyalgia Coach, Tami’s mission is to encourage hope and educate you on ways you can improve your fibromyalgia symptoms.

This audio magazine will feature a Dream Team of top doctors, researchers, experts, coaches, and patient advocates in the fibromyalgia community. Tami will be sharing before and after stories to inspire you and show you what is possible—and she will coach you the same way she has coached her clients over the last decade.

Stay tuned for our foundational episodes, covering some basic topics that Tami talks about over and over again, such as:

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