Speaker: Kimberli Wicks

Episode 57: Talking To Others About Your Fibromyalgia with Kimberli Wicks

Have you ever wondered what you should tell others about your fibromyalgia? Do you find yourself going back and forth between saying, “I’m fine” and telling them how you really feel? If so, this episode is for you!

We all intuitively understand that there are some people we can share more with than others. In this episode, Tami interviews Kimberli Wicks, a professional counselor who has lived for years with her own chronic illness. Kimberli outlines a simple way of categorizing the people in your life which will help you know how much to share about your diagnosis.

Tami and Kimberli also include several suggestions on ways you can build a support network, how to test the waters with how much to tell new people in your life, and ways to ensure you don’t overburden the people you love.

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