Speaker: Katy Suik

Episode 104: Step Into Your Purpose with Katy Suik

“If it’s in you, it’s for you.” – Katy Suik

With fibromyalgia, we can’t do things the way we used to. That can trigger a loss of purpose and identity. “Who am I when I can’t do this? Can I still contribute?”

While we tend to think of our purpose as a single thing that will make our lives perfect, the reality is much more expansive. Purpose is not external to you. It’s about tuning into yourself and aligning with what’s already in you. When you lean into who you are, what’s meant for you will find you.

Today Tami is joined by Certified Professional Coach Katy Suik to talk about uncovering your higher purpose. Katy believes we are all born with the seeds of purpose within us, and it’s our job to nurture those seeds to help make the world a better place. In this episode, Tami and Katy talk about how Katy’s quest to find herself led to developing a career helping others overcome their limitations and unpacking their purpose, the gifts that come through our experiences, recognizing that purpose is multifaceted, the connection between identity and purpose, reclaiming your power utilizing Katy’s pebble in a pond model, the danger of putting too much emphasis on what you do versus who you are, the difference between egotism and self-love, what you can expect from Katy’s upcoming free Entrepreneurial Purpose & Prosperity Masterclass, why many of us get stuck in a stagnant place, the three pillars that will be covered in the masterclass, the power of seeing real-life examples of people living in their purpose, what to do if you feel like you’re made for something more, Tami’s Joy List activity, shutting down your inner critic, why it’s helpful to have a coach on the journey with you, Katy’s message for you, and more.

When we feel worthy and love ourselves in a celebratory way, we can bring so much wonderfulness to this world. Whatever the circumstances in your life, you get to have the life of your dreams.

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