Speaker: Dr. Seth Lederman

Episode 110: New Medications for Fibromyalgia w/ Dr. Seth Lederman: Ask the Coach

One of the questions Tami gets most often is, “When are we going to have new fibromyalgia treatment options?” With only three FDA-approved fibromyalgia medications, many of us are on the alert for new options to address our symptoms better.

To answer that question, Tami invited Dr. Seth Lederman, CEO and founder of Tonix, to talk about the fibromyalgia medication currently in phase three trials, TNX-102 SL. Dr. Lederman has dedicated his career to fibromyalgia research and has worked on this drug for almost 25 years. Today he’s sharing all the details about how TNX-102 SL could help fibromyalgia patients and walking us through the process of developing a new medication.

In this conversation, Tami and Dr. Lederman talk about the process of creating a new medication and the FDA approval process, the significant challenges in the medication creation process, TNX-102 SL – the new fibromyalgia medication Dr. Lederman has been working on for almost 25 years, how TNX-102 SL is different and improved over Flexeril, the importance of improving sleep quality for fibromyalgia patients, the benefits of improved sleep quality, unrefreshing sleep in fibromyalgia patients and how it relates to the pain perception system, the current phase three trial of TNX-102 SL and how you can find out more, next steps after the successful completion the current study, preliminary results showing the positive effects of TNX-102 SL on the quality of life of fibromyalgia patients, the overlap between long COVID and fibromyalgia, the varied factors that can lead to the development of fibromyalgia, a new drug under development for depression that could also have activity in fibromyalgia, positive progress in fibromyalgia research and treatment, Dr. Lederman’s message for you, and more.

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