Podcast: Foundations

Foundational episodes of the Fibromyalgia Podcast

Episode 09: The Fine Art of Self-Care

If you put a gun to my head and said, “Tell me the one thing that turned your life around with fibromyalgia, and you can only choose one.” That one thing would be learning the fine art of self-care, learning how to listen to my body and give her what she needs so she can heal. This is the #1 thing that will make the biggest difference in how you feel. It is also the hardest part of the job. Taking care of yourself when you don’t feel good or when you’re frustrated with your body can be so, so challenging.

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Episode 08: What is Fibromyalgia Coaching?

Do you always do exactly what your doctor tells you to? Or do you sometimes think, “You have NO clue what it’s like to live in a fibromyalgia body? Do you realize what you’re asking me?” Or do you just forget because you have brain fog? There are so many reasons why you might not be doing the things your doctor is telling you to do. A Certified Fibromyalgia Coach has been there, done that, and is trained specifically in fibromyalgia treatment and management strategies. Learn how that direct, personal experience can help you bridge the gap and feel better faster.

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Episode 07: The Science Behind Coaching as a Treatment Option for Fibromyalgia with Dr. James Fricton

As patients, we feel so powerless sometimes. We’re at the mercy of our doctors. We’re at the mercy of our insurance company. A health coach can help us realize that we have what’s called “self-efficacy.” We gain a sense of control over our pain, and we engage in our own care in a vitally powerful way. When we engage in our care and gain that control, it’s really empowering. We understand that, “I am responsible for myself, and I have the ability to improve my pain.”

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Episode 06: The Patient’s Role in Their Own Healthcare

You are the world’s foremost expert at living in your body. No one is a bigger expert on who you are and how you feel than you. Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take responsibility for your own healthcare. Discover how to develop a more collaborative relationship with our providers, and provide them with the right information, so they can make the right diagnosis and help us create the right treatment plan for our specific challenges… and then follow through on what we decide we need to do.

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Episode 05: What is Fibromyalgia? Part 2 with Dr. Ginevra Liptan

Dr. Ginevra Liptan had to keep her own diagnosis secret, in fear of being harshly judged by her peers in medical school. While we have come a long way from the stigma that was once attached to fibromyalgia, there are still far too many of us suffering in silence. In this episode, Dr. Liptan sheds light on the latest research and treatment options that give her hope.

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Episode 04: What is Fibromyalgia? Part 1

As of today, we don’t really know what causes fibromyalgia, and there is no cure. However, I believe your symptoms can be managed so well that you can live the life you want to live. Knowledge is power. Find out more about the background and history of fibromyalgia, as well as the cutting-edge scientific study that is re-defining how we think about and treat this disorder in today’s Foundations episode.

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Episode 03: How Fibromyalgia Became My Friend

When we think about our fibromyalgia diagnosis, we tend to think in “survival” terms: How am I going to beat this? or How am I going to get better?

Your Coach, Tami Stackelhouse, has a radically different perspective to offer: true, honest embracement. This may be very hard to hear, especially if you are in a lot of pain. We know how impossible this sounds. So listen gently, and learn how Tami took the tough, debilitating “life sentence” of fibromyalgia and turned it into a blessing for herself and others.

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Episode 02: Your Body Isn’t The Enemy

“I realized I was treating my body as if it were a stubborn donkey!” What if instead, by treating your body with kindness and respect, you would actually start feeling better? Tami shares how shifting your mindset and your relationship with your body is the first critical key to living the fibro life you love.

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Episode 01: The Fibromyalgia Podcast Values & Philosophy

In a fresh approach to hope and healing, Tami Stackelhouse shares what she has learned from a decade of taking her life back from her fibromyalgia diagnosis.

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Episode 00: What You Can Expect from the Fibromyalgia Podcast

What You Can Expect from the Fibromyalgia Podcast Introduction / Trailer Episode Tami Stackelhouse’s fibromyalgia journey went from diagnosis to disability to desperation before she discovered the keys to living a fibro life she loves. Today, Tami almost never has body pain, has enough energy to do the things she wants to do, and her…

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