Series: Foundations

Foundational episodes of the Fibromyalgia Podcast

Episode 44: Design Your Fibromyalgia Dream Week

9 Steps To Making Your Calendar Work For You — What would it feel like to have to have a schedule that supported your body feeling great? Even better, what would it look like if your calendar could help you get better?

You may think this sounds impossible. When Tami was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia, she discovered she could really only leave the house once a week and continue to feel her best. She felt like a slave to her calendar and prisoner in her own body. However, learning to protect her body’s healing time gave Tami more control over her health and symptoms. This helped her to have more stable and predictable good days and energy.

In this episode, Tami shares the Dream Week process she developed over a decade ago to help her body heal. Included in the links below are the Dream Week Planner worksheets for you to download and use along with Tami as she walks you through designing your very own Dream Week.

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Episode 43: What Does It Take To Get Better? 11 Things You Need For Your Fibromyalgia Healing Journey

After more than a decade of helping clients improve their fibromyalgia symptoms, Tami has learned what it really takes to get better — and it might not be what you think!

Yes, you do need effective fibromyalgia treatment, a fibromyalgia specialist to guide you, and a good doctor who treats you with respect and compassion. However, these aren’t usually the same person!

Tami has also identified nine additional things that are just as critical on your journey. Listen in to learn what Tami has found to be key in all of her client fibromyalgia healing stories — and key to her own fibromyalgia remission.

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Episode 35: My Favorite Energy Management Tool

We’ve all had those times where we’re going along, we’re doing fine, and all of a sudden, we’ve done too much. We’ve all been there! It seems like the line between “okay” and “too much” is so fine, you can’t tell when you’re going to crossover. In this episode, Tami shares her favorite energy management tool that will put you back in the driver’s seat and in control of your own energy levels.

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Episode 13: How to Add More Joy Into Your Life

What are the things you once loved that fibromyalgia is now keeping you from doing? What would it feel like to be able to take joy in those things again? In this episode, we do more than just tell you how this is possible. Tami will lead you in an interactive exercise that will open the door to your joy and greatest pleasures once again. Download the Joy List Worksheet and start adding the fun things back into your life!

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Episode 12: Say No So You Can Say YES

It can be super tough to say, “No, I can’t do that.” It’s so easy for fibromyalgia to feel like an enormous taking away of things. We can’t do the job we used to do. We can’t do the activities we used to do. We can’t eat the foods we used to be able to eat. But we can do a little mindset shift and realize we’re doing it for a reason. It’s never about saying No. You learn to say “No” so that you can say “Hell YES!” to other things: the things that really matter to you, the things that will help make your life feel rich and rewarding and fun again.

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Episode 09: The Fine Art of Self-Care

If you put a gun to my head and said, “Tell me the one thing that turned your life around with fibromyalgia, and you can only choose one.” That one thing would be learning the fine art of self-care, learning how to listen to my body and give her what she needs so she can heal. This is the #1 thing that will make the biggest difference in how you feel. It is also the hardest part of the job. Taking care of yourself when you don’t feel good or when you’re frustrated with your body can be so, so challenging.

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Episode 08: What is Fibromyalgia Coaching?

Do you always do exactly what your doctor tells you to? Or do you sometimes think, “You have NO clue what it’s like to live in a fibromyalgia body? Do you realize what you’re asking me?” Or do you just forget because you have brain fog? There are so many reasons why you might not be doing the things your doctor is telling you to do. A Certified Fibromyalgia Coach has been there, done that, and is trained specifically in fibromyalgia treatment and management strategies. Learn how that direct, personal experience can help you bridge the gap and feel better faster.

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Episode 07: The Science Behind Coaching as a Treatment Option with Dr. James Fricton

As patients, we feel so powerless sometimes. We’re at the mercy of our doctors. We’re at the mercy of our insurance company. A health coach can help us realize that we have what’s called “self-efficacy.” We gain a sense of control over our pain, and we engage in our own care in a vitally powerful way. When we engage in our care and gain that control, it’s really empowering. We understand that, “I am responsible for myself, and I have the ability to improve my pain.”

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Episode 06: The Patient’s Role in Their Own Healthcare

You are the world’s foremost expert at living in your body. No one is a bigger expert on who you are and how you feel than you. Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take responsibility for your own healthcare. Discover how to develop a more collaborative relationship with our providers, and provide them with the right information, so they can make the right diagnosis and help us create the right treatment plan for our specific challenges… and then follow through on what we decide we need to do.

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Episode 05: What is Fibromyalgia? Part 2 with Dr. Ginevra Liptan

Dr. Ginevra Liptan had to keep her own diagnosis secret, in fear of being harshly judged by her peers in medical school. While we have come a long way from the stigma that was once attached to fibromyalgia, there are still far too many of us suffering in silence. In this episode, Dr. Liptan sheds light on the latest research and treatment options that give her hope.

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