Podcast: Fibromyalgia Podcast

Episode 119: Menopause and Fibromyalgia with Jeanne Andrus

“No woman is going to get to 90 years old without having gone through menopause.” – Jeanne Andrus

As women, society has trained us to be afraid of menopause. To view it as yet another trial we have to suffer through. The truth is that if you learn to accept it, menopause is a gift. And to take advantage of it, you need to support yourself through it. This is the time when we get to put ourselves at the center. After decades of people pleasing, it allows you to take yourself from the periphery and make decisions from a point where you are considered a priority.

Today, Tami is joined by The Menopause Guru, Jeanne Andrus. Tami and Jeanne discuss how Jeanne became the Menopause Guru, her purpose and passion for helping women navigate this period of their lives, the technical definition of menopause, symptoms and indicators of menopause, the potential connection between perimenopause and fibromyalgia, how hormone levels change from perimenopause onward, the adjustment period at the start of postmenopause, why menopause should be viewed as a journey with unpredictable experiences and changes in the body, testing hormone levels to determine menopause status, special considerations for identifying where you are in the menopause journey if you’ve been on hormonal birth control, why Jeanne suggests working with your doctor to taper off your birth control gradually regardless of menopause status, Tami’s experience with suddenly stopping her birth control pills, how the pituitary and thyroid glands work together to regulate hormone production, why it’s crucial to remember that menopause is a natural process, supporting yourself naturally through the menopause transition, the overlap of fibromyalgia and menopause symptoms, how hormone replacement therapy can help, the shift in perspective that many women experience in their early 40s, how biology influences our roles in life, Jeanne’s resources for women on the menopause journey, why you should start thinking about menopause in your mid-30s, embracing menopause as a gift, how fibromyalgia can impact menopause symptoms, and more.

For those of us with fibromyalgia, many symptoms of menopause overlap, like insomnia, brain fog, pain, and fatigue. You cannot blame all of your symptoms on fibromyalgia because they can be coming from many other places, including hormones. If you’re a woman who’s 30 or above, it’s time to start thinking about menopause.

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Episode 107: What To Trust Online… AI and ChatGPT

With the sheer volume of information online, it can be challenging to know which sources are legitimate. Since ChatGPT’s launch in December 2022, we must be even more careful.

While it’s an incredibly useful tool for increasing efficiency for writing blog posts, generating book outlines, and more, the problem lies with the fact that it will create a response to whatever you prompt, regardless of the facts, potentially spreading misleading information.

Since many of us search for information about our health online, it’s crucial that we know that the sources we turn to are reliable. For today’s episode, Tami shares tips to help you understand who you can trust online. Tami talks about what you need to know about ChatGPT and information generated by AI, why adding the human element is critical, creative, and valuable ways ChatGPT is being used in different industries, how to figure out whether an information source is trustworthy, recognizing that the title of “doctor” doesn’t always equate to expert, website red flags, why it’s worth it to take a closer look at the underlying data and sources, tips on how to figure out which studies are valid, what you can learn by cross-referencing articles, being wary of content that’s overselling or over-generalized, building a list of trusted sources, how to use AI effectively, and more.

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