Episode 84: Stop Pressing Your Own Panic Button with Ramses Rodriguez

Many people with fibromyalgia also deal with a lot of anxiety.

With your nervous system stuck in fight-or-flight mode, you have a diminished capacity that can put you closer to the panic threshold. What that looks like in day-to-day life is that you might find yourself often pushed over the edge by something objectively small.

To help you learn more about managing anxiety and panic attacks, Tami is delighted to bring Ramses Rodriguez back to the podcast to share his expertise. Ramses has a great way of blending research and science with the down-to-earth and practicalness of someone who has lived through it themselves.

In their conversation, Tami and Ramses discuss his journey with panic attacks and anxiety, how anxiety impacted every facet of his life from career to relationships, how Ramses has gotten to a point where his panics are in remission, common symptoms of a panic attack, why it’s crucial to see a doctor if you think you have panic attacks, the key to getting your panics in remission, the physical toll of having anxiety, the metaphysical aspect of anxiety, practical steps you can take to bring down your anxiety baseline, exposure therapy for treating anxiety, why some breathing exercises make anxiety worse, the three major factors that cause anxiety, creating a regular practice to manage your anxiety baseline, the benefits of having a coach and a personalized strategy, and more.

Note: This episode is not meant to be medical advice. Every person and every situation is unique. The information you learn in this episode should be shared and discussed with your own healthcare providers.

About Ramses Rodriguez

Once plagued by panic attacks himself, Ramses Rodriguez now helps individuals suffering from panic and anxiety with science-based and holistic modalities.

Ramses holds a Master of Science degree in Developmental Genetics and combines science theory and alternative therapies to help people remain panic-free while keeping the career of their dreams.

Ramses has written two books in the genre of anxiety relief. In his first book, Stop Pressing Your Own Panic Button, Ramses details the process he leads professionals through to achieve lasting relief from Panic Attacks. In his second book, The End of Writer’s Block, Ramses addresses the most effective tools for overcoming performance anxiety.

He now lives in Northern Virginia after finally starting the Panic Freedom Academy, where he coaches professionals on how to overcome panic attacks!

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“Tami, thank you so much for your podcast!! It brought me to tears, in a good way! I just discovered it today and I cannot wait to finish binging. I feel every word that you say, I have for years but I never heard it out of the mouth of somebody else. Thank you so much. I really cannot thank you enough. 💓”

~ Amal, on Instagram

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