Episode 113: Help Your Doctor Help You with Dr. Ginevra Liptan

As patients, we must take control of some aspects of our health care to get what we need.

Many fibromyalgia patients are familiar with the feeling that we know more about fibromyalgia than our healthcare providers do. How can you get help from someone who knows less about your condition than you? When you combine that feeling with the broken healthcare system in the US and things like fibro fog, many of us leave our appointments feeling like we’re no better off than when we went in.

Today’s episode is a segment from our July Fibromyalgia Stories of Hope and Healing event featuring our special guest commencement speaker, Dr. Ginevra Liptan. In her speech, Dr. Ginevra breaks down the three main friction points and how you, as a patient, can help overcome them and help your doctor to help you.

Dr. Ginevra discusses the knowledge gap between healthcare providers and patients and how it impacts fibromyalgia treatment, challenges of the fragmented and struggling US healthcare system, how fibro fog and other fibro factors affect the patient-doctor interaction, how resources like The FibroManual can help you bring the correct information to your provider, taking a curious, collaborative approach to your relationship with your healthcare provider, Dr. Ginevra’s tips for getting around the fragmented and siloed healthcare system, why you might want to request an extended appointment, the benefits of telemedicine especially for fibromyalgia patients, how you can maximize your appointment time regardless of fibro fog, why you should consider tracking your symptoms, taking control of certain aspects of your healthcare to ensure you receive the necessary support and treatment, and more.

In addition to these tips, studies have shown that the more you work with a coach, the better your results will be. A Certified Fibromyalgia Coach® can help you prepare for your doctor visits and implement what your doctor has asked you to do. You don’t have to take this journey alone.

Note: This episode is not meant to be medical advice. Every person and every situation is unique. The information you learn in this episode should be shared and discussed with your own healthcare providers.

About Dr. Ginevra Liptan

A top fibromyalgia expert, Dr. Ginevra Liptan is a Tufts University School of Medicine graduate, board-certified in internal medicine, and trained in functional medicine. Dr. Ginevra developed fibromyalgia as a medical student and spent many years using herself as a guinea pig to find successful treatments, which she shares in her books, The FibroManual and The Fibro Food Formula, and her line of herbal and magnesium products, Frida Botanicals

For fierce fibro advice from a doctor with personal experience, visit DrGinevra.com and YouTube.com/@drginevra (yes, with the @).

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