Episode 75: Heart Health with Lisa Steele George

It struck Tami recently that if you only ever focus on treating your fibromyalgia, but don’t pay enough attention to your general health, you’re leaving some pretty significant things out.

With the leading cause of death for women being heart disease, and February being American Heart Month, Tami feels it’s the perfect time to bring you her conversation with Lisa Steele George.

In their conversation, Tami and Lisa discuss a shocking statistic about how many women will die of a heart attack, the common symptoms of a heart attack and how to tell them apart from your fibromyalgia symptoms, Lisa’s experience having a heart attack even though she was considered on paper to be very healthy, why Lisa wrote her book, how they both felt betrayed by their bodies at times, the role your family history plays in your risk for having a heart attack, the importance of having a wide variety of tools in your toolbox to help you manage the stressors in your life, how sometimes the hard work of taking care of yourself can look like rest, and more. You can find the behind-the-scenes video of Tami and Lisa’s conversation below.

Note: This episode is not meant to be medical advice. Every person and every situation is unique. The information you learn in this episode should be shared and discussed with your own healthcare providers.

About Lisa Steele George

Lisa Steele George, MA, RYT, is the founder and CEO of My Heart is Free, a coaching practice with services dedicated to recovery, healing, and survivorship. She is the author of Break Free from Heart Attack Fear: Embrace Your Truth, Regain Confidence & Restore Control.

As a heart attack survivor herself, Lisa knows how challenging it can be to move through the shock, fear, and denial of having a major health crisis. There was plenty of advice available from the medical community on how to recover, but much less support available for the emotional and human perspectives. 

Lisa specializes in helping victims of health setbacks through her unique Heart Healing Process™ while also providing support to clients experiencing major life stressors. She firmly supports taking the proper time to recover emotionally and physically from life’s unpredictable traumatic challenges, which allows proper healing and moving on to live a most vibrant life. 

Rescuing dogs, travel, water sports, Jeep adventures and collecting cool coffee mugs are some of what brings her joy, along with her two adult children.

Website: MyHeartIsFree.com
Book: Break Free from Heart Attack Fear: The Survivor’s Guide to Embrace Your Truth, Regain Confidence & Restore Control (Affiliate link)

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