Episode 66: More Tips For Your Next Dental Appointment

More Tips For Your Next Dental Appointment

6 More Tips For An Easier Visit

After Episode 64, we received a question from a listener about using a weighted blanket — or asking to keep the x-ray shield on — during her dental visit. This led Tami to have a conversation with her favorite hygienist, Julie, and six more tips.

If you haven’t yet, make sure you check out Episode 64 for even more tips. In the meantime, know that your dentist wants you to be as comfortable as possible. Ask for what you need!

The Tips

  1. Use a weighted blanket — or ask to keep the X-ray apron on! — to calm anxiety.
  2. Ask for whatever you need to feel comfortable.
  3. It may take longer for anesthesia to take full effect.
  4. Your dentist has more than one kind of anesthesia available.
  5. Sedation dentistry is a thing.
  6. Wear layers to make sure you’re comfortable.

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Listener Shoutout

Hi Tami, I just listened to your podcast and appreciate all the pointers about a dental visit. Some I already do, but thanks to your list I have more tricks to add to my tool box.

“Something I always thought that would help me while I was at the dentist is a weighted blanket. When there isn’t a heat wave, I find being under my weighted blanket is calming. 

“Now I don’t want to drag that heavy blanket with me (heck moving it from the bed to a chair is enough of a work out), but I have always wondered if that heavy apron they put over you when they take x-rays could be draped over me while they do a cleaning or other procedure.

“I can’t be the only one going to my dentist that would benefit from a weighted blanket and there are probably children that would benefit from it as well. I need to speak up. You just talked me into it.😂

~ Sandra in Nova Scotia, Canada

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