Episode 64: Make Your Dentist Appointment Less Painful

Make Your Dentist Appointment Less Painful

12 Tips For An Easier Visit

Visiting the dentist when you have fibromyalgia is almost never fun — right now it’s even more stressful because many of us put off seeing the dentist during the COVID pandemic! Since it may have been a year or two since your last dental exam, you may fear what the dentist will find.

Tami found herself in this situation recently, with an emergency dental visit and a brand-new dentist. That experience led her to record this episode with the tips she uses regularly to make her dental visits less painful.

Whether you’re dreading going to the dentist after an extended time away due to COVID — or your fibromyalgia makes seeing the dentist more painful — utilizing these tips will help you have a much easier time on your next visit.

The Tips

  1. Choose short appointments.
  2. Schedule during your best time of day.
  3. Take pain meds before you go.
  4. Wear comfortable clothes.
  5. Keep your neck (or any other cranky body part) comfortable.
  6. Wear headphones.
  7. Use distraction techniques, such as watching TV or a movie.
  8. Wear sunglasses.
  9. Use a bite block or take breaks to rest your jaw.
  10. Request additional anesthesia, if needed.
  11. Try some meditation or deep breathing.
  12. Consider hypnosis or other therapies to release past traumas and fears.

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“I personally found this podcast [Episode 63, I Got My COVID Vaccine] very informative. I listened to it this morning before I got my vaccine today. Listening to your podcast made me less anxious about all the side effects that I had conjured up in my head. One shot down and one to go! 💪”

~ A listener, posting on Facebook

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