Episode 59: But My Labs Are Normal

But My Labs Are Normal

5 Reasons Your Lab Results May Be Wrong

How many times has your doctor told you all your lab tests were normal? If you’re like most of us with fibromyalgia, this has happened more times than you can count.

So what then? Do we keep testing? Or do we accept that the test is normal, in spite of the fact we feel that something is wrong?

After 20 years of certain tests coming back as “normal”, Tami recently decided to try one more time as a way of “checking the box” with a new provider…. and ended up with completely different results! She shares her experience as well as five basic reasons your own “normal” lab test results may be wrong.

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I live in Belgium. Country of waffles, chocolate and french fries 😉 I listen every morning to your podcast in the car on my way to work. It’s my start of the day.

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