Episode 52: Your Year in Review

Your Year in Review

3 Keys To a Powerful Review

Have you arrived at the end of the year wondering, “What just happened?” Are you thinking, “Next year will be different!”…. but wondering exactly how you will make next year different?

Good news! In this episode, Tami will teach you how to implement a year-end review process. This review will help you capture what worked from the year that’s ending, including what you enjoyed, what worked, and what you want more of in the new year. You will also review what didn’t work, what you want less of in the new year, and what kind of help you’ll need to make those changes stick.

Grab your journal, your favorite pen, and a cup of tea and settle in for your year-end review. In our next episode, we will begin creating the plan for you to have your best year ever next year!

Key Points

  • We need to be purposeful about how we’re living our lives and the choices that we’re making.
  • It’s so easy to look at the negative. If we start there it gets depressing and hard to think of the positive. Start with the positive.
  • Focus on what you want more of so that you end up where you want to be instead of just running away from what you don’t want. 
  • It’s good to move towards what we want. We also need to know what’s getting in the way. We need to realize what those things are so that we can minimize them and make life different.
  • Think about what you want to create next year in your health journey. Look on Pinterest or in magazines for images that represent what that new life would look like for you. 

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