Episode 47: Write Your Body’s Owner’s Manual

Write Your Body's Owner's Manual

Knowing Your Body Through Your Book of You

Ever wish you had an owner’s manual for your body? Something you could reference to see exactly what to do to keep your body feeling its best? 

Often, it seems like fibromyalgia symptoms create a guessing game of, “What did I do this time?” One minute you’re fine, the next you’ve crossed the line into a fibromyalgia flare. In this episode, you’ll learn how to write your very own owner’s manual for your body. Tami calls this your “Book of You”, a guide to managing your fibromyalgia symptoms and creating more predictable energy and pain levels. Included in this episode are prompts and examples to help you begin. Make sure to download the Getting to Know You worksheet in this episode’s Links & Resources.

Key Points

  • Our fibro bodies have a mind of their own and sometimes want us to do special things to keep them happy — and that’s okay. 
  • We need to start listening to the whispers that our bodies give us so that we don’t have to wait until they scream.
  • You will never stop writing your body’s owner’s manual because your body is always going to be growing and changing. 
  • The Book of You is really the owner’s manual for your body. You will make notes about your body, what you like, what makes you feel better, and what makes you feel worse. 
  • Start paying attention to your early warning signs. If you catch things before they become a full-blown fibromyalgia flare, it’s easier to get back to your baseline normal. 
  • Once you are clear on how different things make you feel, you can set boundaries around them to make sure you’re doing what helps you feel your best. 

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Listener Shoutout

Finally! A normal woman who relates to us as normal people. She does not talk real slow, like a lot of podcasters do as if we are stupid. She really talks the talk and walks the walk. A pleasure to listen to and learn from, she does understand all of us. And through this horrible disease, she helps in all ways. Yes, people! Finally a real good person. I hope you all enjoy her as much as I am.

~ teateapot, on Apple Podcasts

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