Episode 38: Subscription Boxes For Chronic Illness

Subscription Boxes For Chronic Illness

Introducing Chronic Love Box by Recovery Love Box

Note: In the years since this episode was published, sadly, Recovery Love Box is no more. This episode, however, is still very relevant, as Liz shares her chronic illness story, including her diagnosis with chronic Lyme disease.

Subscription boxes are a trend that’s here to stay. They give you a great way to be introduced to new items with little or no risk. But are there any made for those of us with chronic illnesses?

The answer is yes!

Introducing the Chronic Love Box subscription service by Recovery Love Box — a subscription box designed for those living with chronic illness by someone with a chronic illness.

Join Tami as she interviews Liz Lajoie about her journey with chronic Lyme disease, the idea that sparked the Chronic Love Box, and how a simple care package can help you feel more confident and in control of your health.

Be sure to stick around after the interview — Tami does an unboxing of the most recent Chronic Love Box she received so you can see what all the excitement is about!

Key Points

  • Those moments where you most need help are usually the moments where you can’t do it for yourself.
  • Recovery Love Box is meant to be an intellectual introduction to things that you may not have had the energy or time to find yourself and to be a cheerleader for you when you’re having those down times.
  • If we can do a few things to take care of ourselves proactively, that builds confidence.
  • Many of us are here because we were very Type A, go-getter kind of people and maybe push too hard — until our bodies made us take a break.
  • Recovery Love Box was designed to bring positivity to people who don’t often have the opportunity to get a care package.
  • We can always be trying new things. We don’t have to be stuck in our ruts.

About Liz Lajoie

As someone living with chronic Lyme, Liz Lajoie understands that if you can barely get out of bed, it’s way too easy to avoid the foods we know we should be eating for our health (lots of fresh veggies & lean protein) and way too hard to steer clear of the junk food in the house we know we shouldn’t be eating… and sometimes cooking a full meal when you’re not feeling your best is just a bridge too far.

She thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to just have the good stuff on hand?”

And the idea for Recovery Love Box was born. Liz has made it easy for anyone to get healthy, organic foods and self-care products without having to step foot out of your door  and all our friends and family to have an easy answer for the “How can I help?” question, too!

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Thanks for all your time and knowledge. I don’t feel so alone after listening to your podcast.


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