Episode 34: You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

It's okay. You're doing your best.

Are you feeling more overwhelmed and tired than usual? If so, you’re not alone. In this episode, Tami shares some thoughts on how you can use this pandemic to re-evaluate your choices on how you want to spend your time and energy. Don’t feel like you have to do All. The. Things. Give yourself extra grace and compassion and tell yourself often, “It’s okay. You’re doing your best.”

Key Points

  • We need to protect our own energy, emotions, and thoughts., especially if we are home alone or with others who are anxious and stressed.
  • It’s okay if you feel overwhelmed. It’s okay if you are exhausted and tired and don’t know how to handle everything.
  • Give yourself extra grace and compassion right now. Don’t feel like you have to do all the things
  • You do not have to use this time in any particular way. There is no right or wrong way to go through a pandemic.
  • Everything you used to be committed to has stopped. It’s an amazing opportunity to re-evaluate where you want to be spending your time and your energy.
  • The Pause button in life has been pressed and we get to decide what happens when we hit Play.
  • Practice telling yourself, “It’s okay, you’re doing your best.

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Listener Shoutout

I was finding Facebook Groups contained mostly stories of how people are feeling and it was providing me with negative energy. I understand people need an outlet to share that, and that was me at the beginning. But I was looking for positive affirmations, practical support and guidance, which you provide. I found your podcast just through searching for fibromyalgia specific content via the podcast app on my iPhone. Your podcast, including your guests and topics provide me with what I am looking for.” 

~ Donna in Australia

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