Episode 31: Creative Resilience with ChronicBabe Jenni Grover

creative resilience
with chronicbabe
jenni grover

Your innate superpower to help you heal and grow

In this episode, Tami speaks with ChronicBabe herself, Jenni Grover, about how ChronicBabe was born, what ChronicBabe continues to stand for, and the new work that is calling Jenni forward: her School of Creative Resilience. Listen in as these two babe-alicious friends discuss what it means to live and work with a chronic illness  and uncover the innate superpower we all have: Creative Resilience. 

Key Points

  • Many pain specialists say that your resilience is the biggest predictor of how well you will recover from chronic pain.
  • Creative Resilience is teaching people how to tap into their innate creative energies, which we all possess, and then build that inner resource and use it to boost resilience and joy. 
  • Resilience about more than just getting back up when you fall down. It’s also about learning how to adjust. It’s having the flexibility and creativity to think of new ways of doing things.
  • We’re all born with the ability to make things and make connections and learn new skills. Sometimes, we just need help tapping into that ability.

About Jenni Grover

In 1997, Jenni was diagnosed with fibromyalgia; in the years since, she has added a handful of other diagnoses to her list. Determined not to let chronic illness and disability get the best of her, Jenni created ChronicBabe.com—a community for women who wanted to feel babe-alicious despite illness.

With the training of an investigative journalist and the creative passion of a lifelong writer, Jenni has transformed her career to help others like her… and to ensure our stories make a difference in the lives of millions of people living with chronic pain and illness.

Jenni is the author of ChronicBabe 101: How to Craft an Incredible Life Beyond Illness (affiliate link). Her newest work is all about Creative Resilience — and you’ll hear all about that in this episode.

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Listener Shoutout

“Thank you SO much for your podcast. It is SO real and SO helpful. For most of this past year I was very depressed because of my diagnosis. I did not feel like I was in MY body. I was constantly mourning for my body and what it was dealing with. Hearing your words helped me radically accept what I can and can’t do and because of this acceptance, I feel like now I am capable of SO MUCH MORE despite my diagnosis.” ~ Stephanie

Episode Highlights

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