Episode 121: A Gentler Way to Exercise with Fibromyalgia with Katarina Lotrič

For a lot of us with fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses, working on our fitness comes in bursts. We’re told exercise is good for us, but when we go out and do what ordinary people do, it’s too much, and we crash. Then, that cycle repeats itself over and over.

Tami has found a tool that helped her and many of her students and coaches to shift away from this up-and-down cycle and into a healthy relationship with being active. It’s an app called Gentler Streak, and she’s been using it over the last year, during which it’s proven valuable for managing fibromyalgia symptoms while increasing fitness levels.

One of the things Tami loves most about Gentler Streak is that it’s more accurately in tune with how she feels and her normal versus a standard that might apply to someone who doesn’t have fibromyalgia.

Today, Tami is joined by Katarina Lotrič, co-founder and CEO of Gentler Stories, the creators behind the app. Katarina and Tami talk about the story behind the creation of Gentler Streak, recognizing that everybody’s normal is different, the unique features of Gentler Streak that make it suitable for individuals with fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses, the evolution of Gentler Streak to focusing on a holistic approach to activity and wellbeing, challenges with existing health and fitness apps, making room for balance and self-compassion, launching the Gentler Streak app, privacy and how the app works with your Health app, the metrics that are tracked in the wellbeing section of the app, why the decision was made to use sleeping heart rate, the limitations of heart rate variability on the Apple Watch, factors that can impact your sleeping heart rate, how Gentler Streak determines when you’re doing too much activity, insights that can be drawn from heart rate data, the ongoing improvement of the algorithm and the app, tracking other activities and exercise minutes, why it’s important to log your activities at exercises, the special offer you can take advantage of for two free months of Gentler Streak, the important of getting good data in the app, feedback from Tami’s students and coaches about the app, becoming your own companion, how Gentler Streak can help you to treat yourself with kindness, why there isn’t an Android version of the app at the moment, why Tami checks the wellbeing tab in Gentler Streak first thing in the morning, how Tami tracks activity in Gentler Streak, Tami’s goal for using the app, and more.

Tami is so excited to share about Gentler Streak because it’s a gentle and fibro-friendly way to track physical exercise and body movement, and it does it without making you push too hard or feel like you’re not doing enough.

Note: This episode is not meant to be medical advice. Every person and every situation is unique. The information you learn in this episode should be shared and discussed with your own healthcare providers.

About Katarina Lotrič

Katarina Lotrič is the co-founder and CEO of Gentler Stories, the creators behind the app Gentler Streak. They founded their studio in February 2021 and received the prestigious Apple Watch App Of the Year Award in December 2022. In 2023, they were one of the three finalists for the Apple Design Award in the Visuals and Graphics category and a finalist for the Slovenian Startup of the Year Award. Lake Coloring, an Apple Design Award-winning coloring platform, which Katarina also co-founded, was a finalist for Startup of the Year in 2019. Today, Lake Coloring is the largest coloring book platform in the world, featuring and supporting 100+ international illustrators, helping over 10 million people unwind. Katarina was recognized as Future 50 2019 by Future and is an Apple Entrepreneur Camp Alumna 2019. Katarina is passionate about creating innovative solutions that address our wellbeing holistically. She loves cats, social walks, outdoor runs, and spending time with her family.

Gentler StreakUse this link to get a two-month free trial exclusively for listeners of the Fibromyalgia Podcast®! 

To learn more about Gentler Streak and see screenshots that Tami and Katarina were discussing in this episode, visit Gentler.app.

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“Thank you Tami! I was just talking to my coach (Ann) about my menopause symptoms and how it was affecting my Fibro. Also thank you for the book! You and Ann have changed my life and I can’t say thank you enough. I’ve improved so much I’m crying thinking about it. Don’t ever stop making episodes! Thank you!”

~ Kerri on Episode 119: Menopause and Fibromyalgia with Jeanne Andrus

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