Episode 02: Your Body Isn’t The Enemy

"I realized I was treating my body as if it were a stubborn donkey!" What if instead, by treating your body with kindness and respect, you would actually start feeling better? Tami shares how shifting your mindset and your relationship with your body is...

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Episode 01: The Fibromyalgia Podcast Values & Philosophy

In a fresh approach to hope and healing, Tami Stackelhouse shares what she has learned from a decade of taking her life back from her fibromyalgia diagnosis.

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Episode 00: What You Can Expect from the Fibromyalgia Podcast

What You Can Expect from the Fibromyalgia Podcast Introduction / Trailer Episode Tami Stackelhouse’s fibromyalgia journey went from diagnosis to disability to desperation before she discovered the keys to living a fibro life she loves. Today, Tami almost never has body pain, has enough...

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